Anything else…

Felipe Coronel is a gangster rapper from the Bronx and grew up and was born in Peru

He moved as a young kid with his mother to try to escape the harmful life in Peru

He worked hard as a underground rapper to create a name for himself

His success blew everyone away seeing that he came from nothing

Stories like these makes me thrive in life to be the best version I can

Because if Immortal Technique can do it, so can I

Of course my life isn’t no where near as hard as his but I can fight for what I do and don’t have

My goal is to work as hard as I can everyday and become 1% better then I was the prior day

Stay true to yourself and don’t let other people tell you otherwise


I have a heart and it keeps me going

Walking around just not knowing

What to do after I graduate

Hopefully play football in college I’ll celebrate

Football in college it what I love

I’ve put all my heart in the game no hate

But now it’s time for me to graduate

So hopefully my love for the game carries on

But if it doesn’t happen I’ll carry on

But for now my heart is as open as can be

No one I love but this girl from 7th grade

Tyler Ware

I’m a Senior

I go to Lp

I’m Tongan

I have a few tattoos

I’m a middle child of 6

I’m 6’2 300Lbs

My girlfriend is my bed and my side chick is sleep

My mom is everything to me

I love sports and staying active


I love friends
My mom
This is actually me I’m Hawaii

don’t make fun of me.

And if you think I’m cute hit up my snap @t.ware55 and follow me on Instagram @tware65


I’m afraid of not being what others project me to be, I’m afraid to let people down and make them sad. I’m afraid that I won’t be enough to my friends or family, or even my girlfriend. But I take those fears and turn them into challenges, challenges to be the best friend, to be the son, to be the brother, and to be the best boyfriend. I take those fears and turn them into my everyday problems just to make sure I know I’m aware of them so I can stay away from them. Fear shouldn’t control your life. Love and happiness should.


I’m different in a way most of you don’t know

I grew up with a mom no dad that blows

Learning guy things with my friends on my own

No dad no guide it made me not want to grow old

But that didn’t stop me not one bit

Learned to play football and I stuck with it

Now look at me now, heading to the state championship

Been staring since 2nd grade guess I’ve been blessed with it

Me and my boys been through adversity

Me more then others but I guess that’s how it was suppose to be

Now if you are gonna take anything away from this poem

Maybe it should be don’t be afraid to grow old


I’m growing up now imma a senior reminiscin

Looking back at all those times oh how I miss em

But I can’t dwell on the past I gotta look to the future

Something like buying a house and looking for furniture

But why do I have to grow up, it’s so upsetting

However I know every step I’ll take is going to be a blessing

But right now I’m just living regret free, under 18 no bills and no fees

But that’ll come to a stop real quick look around you

Some of us are taking college classes what did I do

I’m just trying to skim by trying to get A’s and stay away from lies

But it’s hard when all these females try to entice me

Taking me away from school and going to hearts trying to go get an icy

But school and ball is all i need man I’m living the dream

Waking up going to school and just practicing

Under the lights on Friday night it’s so amazin

Even though 3/4 of the fans aren’t there I won’t be fazin

Focused on the game and no other bitches

Tell your teacher on me, snitches get stitches

If you made it this far congratulations

I’m up 12:41am eaten raisins

If you like my poems leaves a like

If you are gonna leave a comment let it fly like kite

But since you don’t know who I am whats the reason

I could be a girl or a guy I got you freezin

Thinking about what to say to someone you don’t know

You might say something about my sick ass flow

But let’s be for real I’m a a player on team

Now take a guess and try to figure out which one is me


Skeletons are the structures that make people who they are

With out skeletons we would be nothing

We wouldn’t be able to walk around or interact with other people

We wouldn’t be able to spend the time with our friends or family

But some of us forget that we have a skeleton

A skeleton that helps us get to know people and walk around the streets looking at new things

New things that could be life changing

You never know your opportunity’s until you try

So with out a skeleton we might as well not even try

Not even try to get around and get by

But get up and see those opportunities

Those opportunities that you don’t want to miss

Opportunities that could lead you to a kiss


We talk to each other on the phone and it feels likes you’re there

Wishing I was with you watching you paint your nails or do your hair

You tell me things that you haven’t told anyone

Things that you say make you feel like bum

I don’t know how to feel because you’re just a friend

Just a friend that feels like you’ll be here till the end

Telling me all of your emotions and feelings that I wasn’t there to help with

I’m thinking of how bad of a friend I am for not being there for you to talk with

We lay with each other on 2 different beds through a phone

I’m wondering why can’t you just be here but instead I’m all alone

I’ve been alone for a while now but that’s my fault

I blew off a girl that was into me with out a doubt

I was scared and didn’t have a clue how to handle that

So i went to worst case scenario and had to dip real quick outta that

I will never learn from that. I need to grow up

But loves a funny thing it always interrupts

You have to fight for it, this sounds like a cliché

Maybe this is a cliché and I don’t know what to say

But I will tell you one thing and one thing only

Love is apart of growing up, you are going to be lonely

Love isn’t fun and Love isn’t easy

But once you get it…

It taste as good as a Reese’s.


Bricks are hard

Bricks are heavy

But if you throw it at the ground it breaks

Bricks can be like humans

We feel so strong and sturdy

Until something heavier comes our way

And we break down and don’t know if we can rebuild

But if we’re smart we can stay standing and miss that heavier object

Be smart and be strong


We go out into nature to find peace and happiness

Or at least I do

Hearing the birds chirp

To a running river by my side

To the beautiful views

To the falling leaves

All these things distract me from the reality down the road

So I take that time to understand…

Understand why I’m here and how I can make it better for me and everyone around

Because I am great

And I’ll make everyone proud